During years of successful work Terra-Minora LLC has gained a good reputation and recommended itself as a reliable partner and organizer FIT segment of travel industry.
Our specialists have working expirience in tourism which they acquired during many years of successful work.
Due to serious professional training they can give you a useful advice and help in organizing a journey for you or your clients. Each manager is a specialist in his own region.
The major target of our work is to treat each client personally and to do our best to satisfy all his demands concerning organization of his journey.
Having gained high estimation in b2c market (client-based sales), our company is ready to start cooperation in agency-based sales (b2b) of tourism services as well. For your convinience a round-the-clock Call-centre is organized in our office. Here you can apply for help on general and weekends.
Many of our clients are experienced travellers and professionals in tourism business. Our work is not based on the idea that “the client is always right” for we know tourism industry better. And first of all we appreciate and respect your individuality and your time.
Our aim is to make the most of our opportunities in order to understand you and your preferences. We will share with you our information about hotels, services and destinations.
Particularities in organizing individual journeys define the list of our offerings and the services we are ready to offer.
Terra-Minora LLC offers you tours to your liking to more than 100 countries of the world. You can find information about more than 4000 hotels around the world on our web-site. Along with organizing excursions, travellings to islands and mountains we offer you organization of holidays and office solutions – MICE (Meeting Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions).
United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Seychelles, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey – Antalia and Bodrum; Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Africa: The Republic of South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya; USA.
If you like solitary environment, luxurious interior, we can recommend you a private yacht, villa , help to rent an island or private plane.
In our company we have specialists who can help you to choose healing and health-improving programs, organize active rest and safari in Africa or gourmet tours depending on your preferences.
Our specialists facilitate for you formal procedures in embassies being constantly in contact with foreign partners, efficiently react to the demands of our clients when they stay abroad.
We are the agents of many airline companies and have special fares on various destinations.
Today Terra-Minora LLC is a stable, dynamically developing tourism company headed by professionals who devoted their lifes to tourism.